Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kimberli's Birthday Party

On Saturday we attended the birthday party of a sweet little neighbor of ours named Kimberli.  She and Cruz are big buddies and play very well together!  She turned three and had a Dora party.  Her mom told me the party was at three o'clock.  Cruz was taking a late nap so we let him sleep as long as possible.   I walked next door to their house at 3:15 and could hear no-one.  I knocked on the door and no-one answered.  I questioned whether I had misunderstood the time or not.  I waited several minutes and finally her mom came to the door.  She was not ready and we were the only ones there.  Her mom told me "we say three but we really mean four".  That is SOO Guatemalan!  She invited us in and soon afterwards others began to arrive.  Most did not arrive until much later, but her mom started the party anyway.  Because of that there were only a few kids present to do the pinata.

The birthday girl with her Dora  pinata.  Isn't she precious!

This is Cruz's "oops" face. 

He did not understand all of the candy.  He would pick up one piece at a time and bring it to me.  At one point he picked out a particular piece he had picked up and took it back to the pile.  I guess he did not want that one, haha.  Everyone laughed at how he was reacting.  He can be very peculiar at times.

Kimberli's cake. 
This is a very common cake you will find here.  It has fruit on the inside and outside.  It is usually very moist and usually very good.

Getting ready to blow out her candle.
We also had tostadas with chicken salad and salsa on top and rosa jamaica juice to drink.

After eating the kids played until almost dark.  Cruz had a lot of fun and was tired and filthy by the time we got home.  We are glad for these new neighbor friends and that our kids like to play together.  Kimberli's mom is expecting another little girl in September.  Maybe Ben and her can be good friends also.

We'll party again with them this Saturday when we celebrate Cruz's second birthday with an Elmo themed bash at our house.  We are looking forward to another fun Saturday afternoon!

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