Thursday, May 24, 2012

Getting Back To Work

Our week has been full so far. It began early on Monday morning when we had five nationals from Honduras arrive.  They came to meet up with a team to work in this area.  The team was led by fellow missionary David Miller.  They all visited with us for a short while and then left to begin their day of ministry.  My David joined them later in the day.  Glynis came to stay with me for the two days and a night while David went out with the team.  I appreciated her being here to help me with the boys. I enjoyed her fellowship and company very much!
Cruz, Glynis, and Ben

Mid-morning on Monday we had Dan Watson from Honduras and his dad Harold come to visit us.  They met with David to further discuss beginning a work here in Guatemala.  We will soon be making a follow up visit to the village we want to work in and set up a community wide meeting with the people there.  Dan will return and join us in that meeting and from there we hope to get the ball rolling.  While they were meeting I cooked lunch for all of us.  We ate and then spent a while longer visiting before they returned to Honduras. 

We had John and Diana Lubeck stop by that morning also to see us, meet Ben, and drop off some homemade cinnamon rolls. 

David spent all day Tuesday helping with the team.  In addition to some other things they did door to door visitation in a village and had a community wide service there that afternoon.  They had a good turnout, and we hope this will be a good start to a work there.  David will be returning there on Wednesday's with Bro. Nahum from Honduras to continue doing Bible studies.  Glynis was here with me until late that afternoon.  She returned to town with the team for the night before heading back home to Antigua the next day. 

In between we have also had some locals stop by to visit.  It seems like we have had constant visitors for days. 

I am now trying to get things ready for Cruz's birthday party on Saturday.  There is a lot to do to get ready, and I must admit that I am looking forward to getting a little rest when it is over. 

We will be traveling most all of next week attending a meeting in our old town of Sayaxche.  We are looking forward to our time of fellowship there with the missionaries and nationals from all over Central America.  You can begin praying now that the Lord would burden the hearts of the nationals to take the gospel to people groups and areas outside of their own.  This will be the main challenge for the week.

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