Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cruz's 2nd Birthday Party

On Saturday afternoon we celebrated Cruz's 2nd birthday with an Elmo themed party.  I wanted to do more Sesame Street but had a very hard time finding anything here.  I found a few Elmo things at a store in Chiquimula.  I then had a pinata made.  I also had him a cake made at a bakery in Chiquimula.  I debated on making him a cake myself, but just did not feel like I had the time or energy to do it.  I was glad to find a store that could make one for me.  In the end it all came together well. 
The party was held at our house.  We served hot dogs, cheese puffs, fruit, cake, ice cream, and a watermelon drink.

The kids had a lot of fun hitting the pinata and gathering the candy.

The birthday boy

We invited a few neighbor kids that Cruz likes to play with and also a few other missionaries that serve in our area.

David and James grilling the hot dogs

I wanted a group photo of all the kids but just before we took it Cruz spilled his pinata candy.  I took a few more shots but never could get him to look up. 

This is another group photo of everyone at the party minus James who took the picture for us.

We then had cake and ice cream

Cruz's Elmo cake that he LOVED!

He also loved everyone singing and clapping. 

Cruz opening his gifts

We took a family photo at the end of the day. Boy were we tired!   

This photo was taken later that night before we got ready for bed.  It is soo sweet and probably my most favorite photo of the day.

It was a fun time for everyone, and we enjoyed celebrating the life of our little boy.  I am pretty sure he enjoyed his party very much.

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