Monday, May 28, 2012

Cruz's 2nd Birthday Morning

This is what Cruz saw when he woke up on Saturday- his birthday morning

I had all of his gifts along with some balloons waiting for him.  I love the idea of going to bed with excitement before your birthday and waking up to find all of your presents waiting for you to open.  It is sort of like Christmas morning. 

This was his face when he stepped outside of the bedroom.

he had fun opening all of his gifts

Here in Guatemala when you receive a gift it is not common to open the gift in front of the person.  At parties all of the gifts are stacked on a table and opened when the guests leave.  For that reason I did not want to wait until his party to give him his gifts.  Last year I decided to start this early morning tradition on his birthday so that he would have a special time to open his presents and enjoy them before his party began.  I like this idea.

He had some serious bed head going on, haha

In addition to his new table, he received several puzzles, books, markers, sidewalk chalk, movies, water color paints, brushes, and a paint smock, Play-Doh, and a LeapFrog "My Pal Scout".

He enjoyed singing the Happy Birthday song to himself and clapping while doing it.  It was very cute! 

After playing for a while we ate breakfast.  I cooked French toast and bacon and he ate it on our celebration plate.  We usually eat French toast on special occasions, and always use our celebration plate on special days.  That is something else I hope to continue for many years to come.

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