Saturday, May 5, 2012

Children's Museum

On Friday we took Cruz to the Children's Museum in Guatemala City.  We had heard many great things about it and have been anxious to take him.  We were not disappointed!  It is a very nice museum and Cruz had a blast.  There were about eight school buses in the parking lot so we knew it would be crowded.  There were kids everywhere!  They were all divided into small groups with a leader and moved around from station to station in an organized fashion.  It did not affect our visit much.  I am sure we will be back there several times as our boys grow.

This was made out of legos.

One of Cruz's favorite things was this.  He loved stepping around on it and making music.  He was very tickled at himself.

He always enjoys coloring.

They had a sand area for smaller kids.  He got to play in there all by himself.  He liked it but was not sure about the sand on his feet and hands.  He kept wanting to clean himself off.

Cruz and I playing in the fruit stand.  He was able to identify many fruits and veggies.  He liked trying to eat them which horrified me because I am sure they were filthy.  It was fun pretending to be at the market.

They had a station where you learn about static electricity.  I loved how it made Cruz's hair stick out.

One of my favorite parts was this room for smaller kids.  The school kids that were there were too big to go inside.  One of the museum workers spotted Cruz and came to get us and opened it up just for us.  I thought that was nice!  There were many things in there for Cruz to do.   They had puzzles, books, sensory objects around the room, mats to climb and jump on, dress up things, a fishing pond, and more.  It was decorated perfectly for kids.  I just loved it in there!

Cruz "fishing"

He loves books.

Cruz has played in a few ball pits but this place had a ball room.  It was huge.  There were balls everywhere!  They have conveyor belts that take the balls to two large baskets at the top and when the baskets get full a bell rings and the balls all fall down like a waterfall.  The older kids loved it!  The screaming and excitement made Cruz a little nervous.  He just loved running around picking up all the balls.

There is a very nice playground outside that Cruz liked playing on.  The museum is close to the airport so he also enjoyed watching the planes fly overhead.  He is fascinated by airplanes these days.

Why climb through the toy when you can climb on top, haha. This might look like an elephant, but in Cruz's mind he was riding a horse.  He loved it!

The museum offers so much for kids to do.  It was a great place to visit, and I know we will be back soon.  There is a Pollo Campero attached so we enjoyed lunch there before returning home.  We were not out of the parking lot before Cruz fell asleep.  He took a three hour nap that day which made the trip to the museum soo worth it!

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