Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ben Hits The Backroads

On Sunday we made our first trip to visit a village as a family of four.  It was my first time to travel out in a few months and Ben's first trip ever.  We were excited about taking him to visit the locals.  I am sure it was his first of many trips off-road.  Just as we expected he fell asleep right after we left and slept until we got there.
Here is a photo of him before he fell asleep.  He looks real excited, huh.  haha

I had David take a picture of Ben and I to remember his first time out but it turned out very white.  I had wrapped Ben in a blanket because I knew the locals would scold me if I didn't.  He blended right in with my white shirt.  The locals loved him and all the ladies wanted to hold him.

We went to meet with a few of the leaders to set up a meeting to return with Dan and present his agriculture project to them.  The visit went well and we have plans to return on June 20 to make the presentation.  David and I will most likely make another trip there before that to remind them and make sure everything is ready.  Please pray for this village (Lagunetas) and the work that we are trying to start there.  Please pray that the people there will continue to be open and receptive of us and that we could build good relationships with them.

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