Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Time Is Drawing Near

On Tuesday of this week we traveled into Guatemala City.  We had spent the days before packing and getting together all that we thought we would need for our time away.  It was a crazy few days, and it mentally exhausted me.  There have been just a few small things I have thought of that we forgot, but thankfully so far nothing major.  We had a good drive in and overall I think I handled it well.  I have been saying a lot lately "this is the last time..." about many things knowing that adding Ben to our family is going to change much about our lives.  One of those times was Tuesday morning when we all woke up.  It is very common for Cruz to crawl into our bed and snuggle with us before we get out of bed.  This particular morning made me sad because it really hit me that it was the last time that would happen like that at our home and it just be him for us to love on.  I am very excited about the new baby, but at the same time I feel as though I am going through a mourning stage with Cruz.  He has been our world for the past 22 months!  Another thing I wanted to do was take one last family photo of us at our home.  Here is that picture-
Cruz is 22 months and I am 37 weeks 4 days pregnant with Ben

On Wednesday morning I had my last check-up before the birth.  It went well.  The baby is measuring around 8 pounds and the doctor said he seems to be long.  I had gained another 5 pounds for a total of 19 so far.  The baby has moved into position which explains why I have had more aches and pains than I did with Cruz.  Cruz never did get in position so I never hurt much with him in those last few weeks. 
This is Cruz and I waiting for me to see the doctor.  Just before David snapped the picture he stuck his finger up his nose.  That is just like him to do that.

Unless baby Ben decides to come early I am scheduled for a c-section this coming Monday morning.  We have family coming in on Saturday to help us with Cruz so hopefully David can spend some time with me at the hospital.  We are excited about their arrival.  The next few days will most likely be crazy and chaotic so we would really appreciate your prayers.  Oh the fun that lies ahead!

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