Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Leaving The Hospital With Ben

I stayed four nights in the hospital.  I was thankful that David's mom and aunt took turns staying with me at night.  They were a big help!  David would visit with me during the day while they kept Cruz.  Overall my stay was very pleasant.  I had great nurses and I love my doctors.  The food there is even pretty good for hospital food.  I really cannot complain about my stay.  I was well taken care of!

We had several visitors from our mission family come by to see us.  I am sad that I did not take a single photo of Ben with them like I did with Cruz.  We did enjoy the visits though and are thankful for such a loving mission family!  They are also providing us meals every other day until we return home the end of next week.  What a blessing that is!!!

Here are a few photos from the day we left the hospital-
Ben's going home outfit.
Cruz was supposed to wear this same outfit home but it was cold and rainy the day we checked out with him.  Instead he wore it to his two week check-up. 

A quick photo of his feet before I dressed him.  I love baby feet!

All dressed up and ready to go.

me and my sweet baby Ben

Daddy and Ben

In the wheelchair ready to go to the car.

Leaving the hospital with our new son.

Just like his brother he screamed most of the way to the car and continued to scream as we drove away.  I don't know what it is about our kids, but they do not like leaving the hospital, haha.  Cruz did the same exact thing!

Once we were going he calmed down, but...

if the car stopped- the crying started again.  He has since done much better while riding in the car.

I was glad to get home to see Cruz.  I had missed him terribly!  So far he seems to be adjusting well to having a sibling.  He has not shown any jealousy although I am sure there will be times he will.  He loves to be close to his brother.  He wants to share everything with him.  He likes to point out all of his body parts.  He also likes to help me when I change and dress him.  He brings me the diapers, wipes, and anything else I ask for.  It makes him feel a part of what is going on and he loves that.  There are also those times when I am not holding the baby that he likes to crawl into my lap and let me love on him.  Those are some of my favorite moments of the day!

We are still in Guatemala City and will be here until we can both get a two week check-up.  Although we are enjoying our time here we are anxious to return to our home in Camotan so that we can begin to settle in and adjust to our new life with two kids.  There is nothing like being at your own home, in your own bed, and we are looking forward to doing that soon.

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