Saturday, April 28, 2012

Paperwork for Ben

A good part of this past week was spent getting paperwork done for Ben.  We wanted to get as much done as possible before we returned home to Camotan.  So far we have received his Guatemalan birth certificate and passport.  We have applied for his U.S. certificate and passport and those should be ready within two weeks.  After we receive his U. S. passport we will be able to apply for his Social Security card and we should be done.  Getting paperwork done here can be a hassle, but so far it has gone pretty smoothly this time around.  We are relieved to be getting so much of it behind us.

We had an appointment at the U.S. Embassy on Wednesday morning and a missionary friend, Noemi, volunteered to watch Cruz for us while we went.  We did not realize what a blessing that was until we got there and had to wait for two hours before we were done.  Cruz would have been a nightmare in that place and we said many time how thankful we were that he did not go with us.  She took the caretaker at our mission house and her daughter along with them and they went to play at a local McDonald's.  Cruz had a blast and came home ready for a good afternoon nap.  We are grateful for mission family who will help us out like that.  She blessed our hearts greatly!!!
Karina, Kaitlin, Cruz, and Noemi

It looks like he had fun to me!

Ben getting his picture taken for his U.S. passport

His U.S. passport photo.  

and here he is with his Guatemalan passport. 

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