Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cruz's 23 Month Update

Cruz turned 23 months old on Thursday.  To celebrate we took him to lunch at Chuck E Cheese in Guatemala City.  Although he is too young to play video games, he loves all of the lights and buttons on them.   He had fun running around and exploring the place.  We bought him several coins and he played many things and he also rode several things as well.  He had a fun time and we enjoyed watching him.  I took his t-shirt and sticker and changed him when we arrived so I could try to get photos of him on his day but as you will see from the pictures below he was not at all interested in taking pictures.  There was just too much to see and do.  I snapped a few for this post.
The biggest thing in his life right now is the addition of his little brother.  So far he has embraced the role of big brother very well.  He is smitten with Ben and wants to be close to him often.  He loves helping me change him, dress him, and take care of him.  He likes to hand me his diapers and anything else I might need for the baby.  He loves to kiss him and touch him.  He points out all of his body parts and tells us often that he has "two eyes, two ears, two feet, two hands, a mouth, nose, etc."  We love watching him love on baby Ben!

*   He is wearing a size 4 diaper
*   He wears size 6 shoe
*   He wears 18 and 24 month clothes
*   He weighs around 30 pounds
*   His favorite word is "play" and he does that from the time he wakes up until he falls asleep at night

*   He loves books and music
*   He loves to dance and has started doing the splits.  That is something he learned from one of his Dennis the Menace movies (his very favorite thing to watch!)
*   He still fights sleep and will do just about anything to keep himself awake.

*   He is obsessed with horses!  He loves all animals and knows all of their sounds but horses are by far his favorite.
*   He likes to work puzzles, paint, and color
*   Lately he loves hot dogs, yogurt, marshmallows, and cereal.
*   He loves to play in water
*   He loves to see airplanes and helicopters fly overhead.  He gets so excited!
*  He is obsessed with going to play lands at restaurants.  He will cry if we pass one and do not stop.  We have spoiled him in that area.

*   He talks well and picks up new words everyday.  He loves to say "have it".  That means "let me have it, or give it to me".  He also says "jalo" meaning "put me down, let me/ it go".  He has learned to say "mio" for "it's mine".  He also says purple for every color. 

our family of four at Chuck E Cheese

I cannot believe Cruz will turn 2 years old in less than a month!  Where has the time gone?  He has brought so much joy to our lives and we cannot imagine life without him. 

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