Sunday, April 15, 2012

Checking In To Have Baby Ben

I had to check-in the hospital by 6:00 p.m. on Sunday night.  Here they like you to arrive the night before your surgery.  We left Cruz at home with Memaw and Aunt Libby and David went with me to check in.  Just like with Cruz I took a photo of David driving me to the hospital. 

He does not look nervous at all does he, haha.

Here I am outside of the hospital before checking in.

There were several forms to fill out when we arrived.

Taking me to my room

A few views of my private room. 
David is certain it was the same room I had with Cruz.  That's cool!

They have added a few things in the past two years like a recliner, lamps, a fan (there is no a/c), a telephone, and a huge flat screen t.v.  They have also done some painting.  It was nice before, but is really nice now.

David made sure I had internet service before he left.  He did not stay the night with me so that he could be at home with Cruz.  He will return in the morning and be with me during the surgery.

Once in my room there were still more papers to sign, bloodwork to be done, and all of my other vital stats to be taken.  I am not a fan of giving blood.  As he was drawing it I kept thinking to myself  "tomorrow they are cutting me open!!!"  It made a simple tube of blood seem a little less painful.  lol

About to enjoy my last meal.

They brought me grilled chicken with a tomato salsa, mashed potatoes, boiled guisquil (similar to squash), a glass of tamarindo drink (a typical beverage here), a bowl of carrott broth soup, red jello, some apple cinnamon tea, and a roll.  It was pretty good.  It was the last thing I was able to have before the surgery. 

I am scheduled for a c-section tomorrow morning (Monday) at 9:30 a.m. Guatemala time.  That will be 10:30 for our home folks.  As soon as I am out of recovery and able to I will be posting an update about the birth.  Please pray that all goes well for me and baby Ben!

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