Monday, April 23, 2012

Ben's Birth Day

I cannot believe our baby is a week old today!  I have not updated our blog since he was born.  As you can imagine it has been a little crazy around here.  He was born last Monday, April 16, at 10:55 a.m..  He weighed 7.13 and was 20 inches long.  He appears to be very healthy and we are thankful for that! 

My last post was about me getting checked in to the hospital.  At my hospital they ask you to come the night before and check in. I stayed by myself that night.  I did not really like it and really wanted David with me but felt it was best for him to be home with Cruz at night.  I ate supper, watched some t.v., played on the computer, and showered.  I really dreaded going to sleep because I knew it was the last night to have Ben in my belly.  Call me crazy but I really enjoyed being pregnant both times and was not ready for either one of them to be over.  I have been really sad at times over the past week just missing him being inside.  Anyway, I did get a good nights rest and woke up excited about the day.

They came to wake me at 5:45 and wanted me to shower again.  I did not feel it was necessary but I did.  Soon afterwards they put my drip in and the waiting began.  I was scheduled for surgery at 9:30.  About 8:00 they came to tell me that my doctor was tied up at another hospital and would be about 2 hours late.  That aggravated me greatly, but I understood.  My main complaint was that I was STARVING!  I had not eaten or had anything to drink since eight the night before and was really wanting something in my mouth.  They came to get me about 10:00 and took me down to prep me. 

When I had Cruz I do not remember much about the process.  I do not remember going down, getting the epidural, or much about the surgery.  This time around I think I had less drugs and I was aware of 100% of what was going on.  The whole process I was joking with my doctors and knew exactly what was happening.  I asked them not to put me out after the birth so that I could nurse right away.  That means I was awake when they sewed me up and during the recovery time.  I am glad that I was so aware this time and have those memories of the experience.  I am also glad the hospital allowed David to be with me and experience it too.

Soon afterwards they returned me to my room and the medicine began to wear off quickly.  I started shaking all over and could not control any of it.  My legs moved and jerked for about two hours.  My head also would move from side to side really fast.  It freaked David out a little but was a natural reaction.  I was glad when that ended.

The highlight of the day was when they brought Ben to see me.  It was love at first sight.  The things I noticed first was his immediate loud crying when he came out.  He had a head full of dark hair.  His face was flattened on one side from the way he was positioned in the womb.   His bottom lip and jaw were crooked.  He had very long feet and toes.  He nursed very well right away. He has a dimple on his left cheek.  He looked so much like Cruz did when he was born.  He was beautiful and perfect in every way!

Pregnancy and birth are such amazing things!  We are soo thankful that God allowed us to experience it, and that he has entrusted us with two precious little boys.  Our hearts are full of gratitude to Him for the good things He has done for us!

Here are a few photos from the day-
This was taken right before they took me down to surgery.

Waiting to meet our new son.

Welcome to our world!!!

Love at first sight!

He is one proud daddy.

Benjamin Miller White- our new love

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  1. I was getting worried about you guys! What a beautiful baby boy- he is so precious and perfect! Congratulations White family! xoxo


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