Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wednesday Visitation

On Wednesday of this week David went visiting with Bro. Nahum from Honduras and another person from his church.  They visited in a village and had a home Bible study there with a family.  Afterwards the family fed them a meal of Ramen noodles and tortillas.   Here are a few photos from their day-

They had about a ten minute hike to reach the house.

This was their destination.  Please keep the family that lives here in your prayers.  The open area in front of their house is where they are wanting to build a small "place of worship".  Pray with them as they seek the Lord on this decision.   There has been a lot of persecution in this particular area.  Pray also for God's protection on them as they boldly make a stand for Him.

It will be May before David is able to go visiting with Bro. Nahum again, and I know he will be looking forward to it.  We are thankful that God placed him in our lives so soon after our arrival here so that David would have someone to travel with and also to learn from.  God is Good!

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  1. This just thrills our hearts to overflowing! We are so excited for you as God continues to open doors of ministry. What a blessing for both David and Nahum...iron sharpens iron and the fruit of the labor grows and deepens. Persecution is strong, true, but OUR GOD REIGNS in POWER and MAJESTY. Satan has claimed this land for too long and doesn't like releasing it; however he is only a thief and a robber on this God given land. Pray with us for His power to be manifested to the Chorti for salvation and spiritual growth!


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