Friday, March 16, 2012


I have been a terrible blogger lately!  I have honestly just been too tired to sit down and do it.  When I reached 32 weeks it is like I ran out of gas.  David spent several days of that week traveling which meant I had Cruz solo (exhausting in itself).  I usually blog when he goes to bed at night and for the past two weeks I have been going to bed when he does.  Sometimes falling asleep before him.  Since Tuesday of this week I have been battling a terrible head cold, and not being able to take much for it has made me at times feel miserable.  We made a trip into Guatemala City this week also and I just felt too bad to enjoy it.  There were several errands I needed to run, but just did not.  I am hoping this cold will pass soon and I can get to feeling better. 

Just a few things that we have been up to lately include David translating two days for a medical team.  They were in two different Chorti villages.   They were long days, but he enjoyed his time there with the people.  We both finished the paperwork for our Guatemalan driver's license and now have those.  We went on seperate days.  It took David much longer than me because they kept moving me up in the line.  I felt bad to be cutting in front of people but the workers insisted I move to the front of each line (there were about 7 different stations you had to visit).  We assume it was because I was pregnant.    For whatever reason it was nice to get in and out of there quickly. 

Here are a few photos from Wednesday of this week.  Cruz was due to get a vaccine and I had a check-up with my doctor.  Both appointments went well and we "celebrated" by having lunch at TGI Friday's.  That is always a treat in itself.
When we arrived at Cruz's appointment he was asleep.  He stayed asleep until we laid him on the table to get his shot.  He quickly woke up.  I felt bad that he woke up to see a lady poking a needle in his leg, but he handled it well.

He cried until I picked him up and then he was very happy when she handed him a sucker.

We had a little time to spare between appointments so we visited a McDonald's so Cruz could burn off a little energy on the playland.  David enjoyed a cup of coffee and I had a strawberry smoothie from the McCafe.  I have been craving those a lot lately.  In this photo he is clapping for himself because he went down the big slide.

I had a good check-up.  The baby appears to be doing fine.  I had gained four pounds over the past month.  I am still scheduled to have a c-section on April 16.  That is one month from today!  It is going to be a busy month trying to finish getting everything ready for his arrival.  We plan to stay home until about a week before the surgery and then travel into Guatemala City to have him.  I hope to not have any complications that would cause me to have to go in any earlier.  We will plan to stay a few weeks afterwards and are making plans for both of our mothers to visit while we are in the Capital.  

We enjoyed lunch at TGI Friday's.  Usually Cruz likes to yell out "cheese" when I take his picture.  For some reason on this day he decided to yell out "Jesus" really loud instead.  It was very random and very funny!

He makes most of our days very lively!

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