Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our First Overnight Guests in Camotan

We have enjoyed having our first overnight guests in our new home.  We recently purchased two twin mattress sets to put in our office/ guest room so that we can host people.  In our five years of being in Guatemala we have never had a guest room.  We are excited to have one now even if it's combined with our office. 

On Monday afternoon our supervisor and his wife, Gary and Lily Stone, arrived to spend a few nights with us.  It is always a blessing when our "bosses" visit.  What we enjoy most is the encouragement they bring to us.   It is a time for us to share what is going on in our lives and ministry and for them to offer any help and assistance they can to help us be the best we can.  It most always leaves us feeling refreshed! 

In addition to talking ministry stuff we just had a great time hanging out together.  We enjoyed some good meals around the table.   We did some traveling around to see the area where we are living.  We played a few rounds of Phase 10.  We laughed and just had fun.

They offered a lot of encouragement to us as parents.  They have a now grown son who was a lot like Cruz when he was younger.  We felt like they "spoke our language" when it comes to him and they really blessed us with their words of wisdom. 
enjoying a meal at a restaurant in Chiquimula

Cruz with Gary and Lily

They left this morning, and we are already looking forward to their return.  David also left this morning driving to Sayaxche to attend the monthly Kekchi pastors meeting.  Please pray for his travels over the next few days.

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