Friday, March 23, 2012

Maybe There Is Hope

I am so happy to say that Cruz is sleeping and napping much better lately.  There have been some hard days since our move, but things seem to be getting better.  It is not perfect, but much better!  He still has an occasion where he wakes up between 5-5:30 a.m., but most days he is sleeping to around 6:30.  We used to think that was early, but now we are happy if he sleeps that long. 

It is a good day when he can make it until after lunch to take a nap.  When that happens he will usually sleep for 2-3 hours.  Ahhh, I love those days! haha  If not, he will take a mid-morning nap but usually will not go back to sleep until bedtime.  When that happens he is prone to get very cranky in the late afternoon. 

Yesterday morning, though, he took a short 30 minute nap on the ride into town. I thought for sure he would take another nap that afternoon but he did not.  In spite of that he never once got cranky, fussy, or acted tired.  We kept waiting for a meltdown, but it never came (very rare).  He ate a good supper, and had fun playing in the tub. 

It has become our nightly routine to watch a DVD after bathtime and before bedtime.  We do not have cable or satellite service (although we are working on getting satellite hooked up).  We are currently watching the DVD series of Reba.  We had never seen that show before, but are really enjoying it.  It is a funny show!   We will watch one or two episodes a night.  We also swap out from time to time some Everybody Loves Raymond.  Last night while watching the show, Cruz, who is normally bouncing off the walls while we are trying to sit still and watch, sat down on the floor and just fell asleep.  That's right.  He just laid his head down on his beanbag and went to sleep- very quietly and without a single outburst.  It took us a few minutes to realize what had happened.  He has NEVER, EVER done that before, EVER!  We almost freaked out because it just never happens.  We decided to just leave him laying there and enjoyed watching the rest of the show.  I wish that could become our new norm.  haha It was a nice treat.  David eventually picked him up and carried him to bed.  He never woke up.  He slept until 7:00 a.m. this morning!!!  It might never happen again, but at least now I have hope that it can. Also, I am very glad I got to see it before the new baby arrives.  I just might survive after all.
My poor baby finally got tired and instead of fighting it he just fell asleep.

Look at that sweet face.  Moments like this make me want to just eat him up!

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  1. Love it! I know exactly what you mean...our boys were like that too!


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