Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 2012 Newsletter

Greetings from Guatemala!  February was a busy month for us.  We spent a lot of time getting settled in to our new place.  We met with the Chorti Bible translators, the Lubeck's, three times to go over culture and language.  David spent the day in a Chorti village with Mr. Lubeck and enjoyed not only time with him but also being around the people.  We hosted several people in our home for meals.  We visited a medical clinic that a volunteer team was holding.  We made a trip to Honduras to visit an agricultural project that is being done there.  We got together with the other missionaries that are serving in this part of Guatemala.  David made several home visits with a pastor from Honduras.  We celebrated my birthday with a family weekend trip to a local water park.  It was a fun month filled with an assortment of activities. 

We are expecting March to be another full month.  We are excited to be hosting our first overnight guests this Monday and Tuesday.  Our supervisor and his wife are coming to visit us.  We are looking forward to a few days of fellowship with them.  David will make a trip to Sayaxche on Wednesday to attend the Kekchi pastors monthly meeting.  He will be gone at least one night.  Please pray for his travels.  David will be translating for a medical clinic on Saturday, March 10, and Monday, March 12 in two different Chorti villages.  We will be making a trip into Guatemala City for my next check-up. I am currently 32 weeks pregnant.  David will also try to do some more home visits with Bro. Nahum (the pastor from Honduras) the last two Wednesdays of the month. 

The end of the month we will be hosting a missionary from Honduras, his dad, and a few nationals to look at some areas where they might begin some agricultural work.  The missionary is currently doing this type of ministry in Honduras and desires to expand into the Guatemala side of the Chorti work.  We would be partnering with him by doing the Bible study part of the work.  Please pray that God would lead us to just the right village to begin this work.
We are adjusting well to our new area and assignment.  We owe much of that to the prayers of you all.  There is a lot of work to be done here and many people who need to know the Lord.  Pray with us as we seek to find the best way to reach the unreached Chorti of Guatemala.  The devil would want nothing more than to distract and discourage us so pray that we could stay focused on the task ahead and seek God for every detail of our lives.  We know that His plans are far greater than any plans we could make on our own. 

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