Monday, March 26, 2012

A Few Things To Pray About

Just wanted to give a little update on a few things we have been up to lately and a few things we have coming up.  Last Wednesday David went visiting with two pastors from Honduras.  One of them, Bro. Nahum, comes over to Guatemala every Wednesday and makes visits in Chorti homes.  David has been out with him twice and plans to go every Wednesday that he is free.  Last Wednesday they visited in the home of a believer to encourage him.  Others that had believed in that village have turned away because the community is pressuring them to not get involved with the evangelicals.  Please pray for this man and his family that they can stay strong in the Lord despite persecution.  David and Bro. Nahum will go visiting again this Wednesday so please pray for their travels and visits.

On Sunday David traveled about three hours one way to attend a regional pastor's meeting that took place in Rio Dulce.  They meet monthly, and it was David's first time to attend.  It was attended by the Baptist pastors in the Eastern part of Guatemala.  It is a large area, and there are only thirteen Baptist churches/ missions in all.  That is not many.  We are currently only targeting a small part of that area where the Chorti live.  One of the areas the association is wanting to target is the city of Esquipulas.  There is a small group of believers there and the association is planning a service/ rally this Saturday night to encourage those believers and also to reach out to the community.  Would you pray for God's annointing on this service and that others would believe in that area? 

This Friday and Saturday we will be hosting the missionary from Honduras that we recently visited.  He will be driving over with his dad and four others to see about starting agricultural work in our area.  David has plans to travel out with them to see a few villages and show them around the Chorti work in Guatemala.  Please pray for this partnership, and that God would show us just the right place to get it started.

As you can see David has been doing a good bit of traveling and has a few things coming up.  Please pray for his safety as he is out, and for Cruz and I as we are at home.  I am trying to limit my traveling as much as possible these days.  We have about two weeks left before we have plans to travel into Guatemala City to get ready for the birth of baby Ben.  I cannot believe how close it is getting.  Please pray that these last few weeks would go well, and for the upcoming c-section that I am scheduled for on the 16th of April.

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