Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cruz's 22 Month Update

On Monday Cruz turned 22 months.  I cannot believe how close it is to his 2nd birthday.  He is growing fast!
* He wears 18 and 24 month clothes.
* He wears size 6 shoe
* He wears size 4 diaper
* His appetite has slowed down and he does not eat near as much before.  He is also becoming more picky about what he eats.  His favorite food is grapes although he loves all fruits.  If we would let him he would live off fruit alone.
* He is very active, loves to climb, and gets in to everything.  He rarely walks anywhere because he is always running.
* He likes to fall down on purpose and then says "oops".  It sounds more like "ups".
* He has started fake crying.  It is the most annoying sound.
* His favorite song to sing lately is "The Wheels on the Bus".  He likes to do the motions.
* He loves to be in the kitchen.  His favorite thing to do is pull a chair up to the counter and watch us.  He      also likes to pull chairs up to the counter so he can climb on and reach things he wants.  He likes getting all the cabinets and drawers and pulling things out.
* Snacks that he loves are cookies, chips, and raisins. 
* He has a large vocabulary and learns new words every day.  He is learning many English and Spanish      words.  Some things he only says in English and some things only in Spanish.  At times he uses a mixture     of the two.  The other day he was watching a grasshopper and told us "he jump arriba".  It made us laugh.  He is starting to form short sentences as well.
* He loves to count things but still only says "2,3,2,3" over and over.  When counting in Spanish he does      the same thing he says "dos, tres, dos, tres".  We are not sure why he does that but he does.
* He loves to paint and has made me several pretty pictures.  He also just likes a bowl of water and a paint   brush and will go around "painting" on everything (outside, of course).  He also likes to color.
* We are having a hard time keep him from climbing the stairs that lead to our neighbors upstairs apartment.  It is a daily battle and we are working on getting a gate installed.
* He says down instead of up.  For example, if he wants us to pick him up he reaches up and says "down".
* He loves bubbles!  He cries for them almost daily.  He usually only says the word in Spanish though-      burbujas.
* He likes to tell us when it is dark outside.  He also likes to point out the moon and stars.  He says "la      luna" for the moon.
* He loves playing in water.  He has several inflatable pools but prefers for us to fill a Rubbermaid tub      and let him play in it.  When he is done he likes running around and playing naked.  He loves to throw all of his toys in the water too (even those that are not waterproof).
* His favorite movie is a western called "The Wackiest Wagon Train in the West".   It is part of the      Dusty's Trail series and we have ordered him a few more.  He will sit still and watch that movie over and     over, and never move.  If I really need a break or need to do something I can always put that movie in      and it will keep him still and quiet for a while.  It is a lifesaver at times!  He will usually watch anything that has a horse in it.  He still loves horses.
Most days it takes us both to care for him.  One of us has to keep a constant eye on him to keep him out of things and from doing things that might cause him to get hurt.  He can be very exhausting!  Then there are times throughout the day that he will just crawl into our lap, give us a hug and kiss, and be soo very sweet.  He is a good blend of naughty and nice.

Happy 22 Month Birthday, Cruz
We cannot imagine life without you!

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