Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The day we brought him home from the hospital-

My how the time passes quickly!

Yesterday we unpacked our newborn pack 'n play.  I cannot believe it has been almost two years since we were putting it together in preparation for Cruz's arrival.  I decided we had best get it out early and check it before we carried it into Guatemala City with us.  I got to thinking about how bad our things molded while living in Sayaxche and was concerned that this bed might have molded as well.  I was relieved to know that it did not, but it smells terrible!  We plan to clean it, spray it, and sit it out in the sun over the next few days and see if that helps.  Any other suggestions???

Cruz thought it was a new toy for him and immediately began trying to crawl into it.  He cried when we told him he could not play on it, and that it was for his new baby brother.  I know he does not understand that just yet, but we joked that it was most likely the first of many times that he is going to hear that in the near future.  

It made me a little sad to see that bed again and to remember Cruz being that small and sleeping in it.  Oh how I wish I could hold him as a newborn again!  I also wish I could lay him down and he not move like a newborn again, haha.  It made me think about all the changes that we are all going to experience in a few short weeks.  Am I ready?  I am not sure.  I already have days where I am sad thinking that all of my love and attention will be soon divided between two kids instead of one.  I know it comes natural, but until it happens you just cannot imagine it.  I am also sure it is normal for all parents to feel that way.  I want so much to treasure these last days with Cruz as our only child, but I am so fatigued and find it more and more difficult to play and interact with him.   He is just so rowdy!  I know that it will not be long until I can wrestle in the floor again, play chase, jump, swing around, let him pretend that I am a horse, and all the other fun stuff we love to do together.  I now have the joy of  looking forward to doing it with two ruff and rowdy little boys.  Yes, life it about to change! 

I smile when I see this photo of him peeking into the crib.  Soon he will be peeking in at his little brother.  I know he will be a great big brother and I cannot wait to see them in action.

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