Saturday, March 3, 2012

Blazing New Trails

It has not taken us long to realize that we are living in a whole different world here.  Most everything about this area, the people, and the culture is very different than what we are accustomed to with the Kekchi.  It has been eye opening already and we are just barely beginning to learn.  Pray for us as we seek to find the best way to reach the unreached Chorti.

Week before last a pastor from Honduras, Bro. Nahum, came to visit us.  Each Wednesday for a long while now he travels over to Guatemala to make visits and hold Bible studies.  He shared with us about his work and the areas he has been targeting.  He invited David to go along with him whenever possible.  David is excited and sees it as a great opportunity to learn from a national more about the culture and people, and to witness how he ministers among the people. 

This past Wednesday David went out with him for the first time.  They were able to visit in several homes but did not get to do a Bible study as previously planned.  Bro. Nahum shared a lot of wisdom with David while they traveled along.  It was a good learning experience and I know he is looking forward to another trip out with Bro. Nahum soon.

One of the areas they visited in has had a lot of opposition to the gospel being brought there.  They were told that a local pastor from our area has warned the people in that village not to have anything to do with the Baptists.  That was discouraging to hear!  We just look at it as another way Satan is working and trying to keep the people from hearing the gospel.  We are just sad that he is using an evangelical pastor to do it.  We are Baptists and our desire is to plant Baptist churches here in the Chorti area but our main goal and focus is to make disciples of Christ.  It makes us feel we need to pray harder for this particular area because we know God wants to do something there.  Will you pray with us? 

Surprisingly, David did take a few photos for me while he was out.  Here are a few of them-
Bro. Nahum walking the trail to visit a family.  I cannot wait until I can walk those trails again!

Each white spot is a house- most likely of people who need to know the Lord.

Please pray for the people who live in these homes.

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