Monday, February 13, 2012


A little over five years ago when we were getting ready to move to the mission field we decided to pick a new email address that we could both share.  We wanted something fun and that people could remember.  We discussed many options, but when it came down to it we knew the one that was best for us.  We started thinking about our move, and everytime we would tell somebody our future plans they would look at us and say "YOU'RE MOVING WHERE"???  So after hearing that numerous times we decided that it would be a perfect fit for us.  The funny thing is it has been five years and people are still asking us that question.  In the last five years we have moved to at least seven different places.  We seem to be on the move a lot.   We plan to be where we are now at least until our term ends in Spring 2014.

Our new town, Camotan, is small compared to the other areas we have lived.  There is not much to it.  The neighboring town of Jocotan seems to have most of the local businesses, and then the city of Chiquimula (about 40 minutes away) is very large and offers a lot.  I did, however, take a few random shots around our town the other day as we were driving around the streets trying to familiarize ourselves with the place. 
One of five entrances to our town. 
Although we live on a dirt road most all of the other streets in town are paved. 

Our towns municipal building

Every town in Guatemala has a large Catholic church with a central park built in front of it in the center of town.  This is the church and park in our town.

a few random street views

There are very few eating places in our town.  This is our chicken restaurant.  Places like these are very popular all over Guatemala.

There are many street vendors around town.  This one is selling fried chicken and french fries.

This is a cafe that is open for lunch.  They serve really good plate lunches.


A statue on one of the main entrances into town.  I am sure it has a meaning, but I have yet to learn about it. 

We like where we are.  It is fairly quiet and has a small town feel. 

On another note, we have a very busy week ahead.  We will be helping out with a medical clinic a few days.  We have a quick, overnight trip into Guatemala City for my check-up and to purchase a few house supplies.  We will also be getting prepared for a weekend trip to Honduras to meet with a missionary there and visit the Chorti work that is going on in that area.  Would you pray for all of our travels this week?  We would appreciate it.

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