Monday, February 6, 2012

The Weekend

Saturday morning Cruz had a little playdate with two of our neighbors.  They came over to visit him and play.  There was a little boy Cruz's age and a little girl who turns three in May.  The little girl played so still and quiet.  You hardly knew she was here.  The boys, on the other hand, were just as you would expect little boys to be- rough, loud, and rowdy.  They had a fun time, and I enjoyed getting to see Cruz play with kids his own age. 

Our missionary friends, the Miller's, were back in this area with a couple (Jim and Patsy Brannock) from the States showing them around the Chorti area.  They dropped by for a short visit before heading off to some village areas.  We joined them that evening in Chiquimula and the Brannock's treated us all to a delicious steak dinner. 

Sunday morning we attended a local Bible study here in Camotan.  Because we have always worked in Kekchi and all of their services are in Kekchi there have been very few times we have worshipped in Spanish.  That is something we will need to get used to in this area.   We will also need to find some Spanish song books because we do not know any of the words to any of the songs they sing.  There are no Baptist churches in any of the Chorti village areas.  We are not sure what our Sunday morings are going to consist of for a while.  Until we can get our own Bible study going we are going to have to find a place to visit and worship.  It made us miss having the over 60+ churches and missions to choose from on any given Sunday to attend in Kekchi.   

We had some leftover steak from Saturday night so for lunch we made some yummy steak fajitas.  We took a nap, let Cruz swim for a while, and then got ready to head to a Super Bowl party.  I made a black bean dip and some turtle brownies to take.

We were excited to get invited to the party.  Most all of the other missionaries that work in this part of Guatemala were there.  We met some fun people.  Up until this point everyone we had met was from the North.  We were glad to see some Southern folks there as well.  There were couples from Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, and a lady from Texas.  Southern folks love to be around other Southern folks!  There were six children there- a five year old boy, a three year old girl, two almost two year old boys (including Cruz), a six month old boy, and a two month old boy.  I can't wait to add our new addition to the mix.  I also love that it is mostly boys!  We ate, talked, laughed, cheered, and just had a grand 'ol time.  We talked on the way home about what a blessing it was for us to have that fellowship. 

Cruz did not care much for the game although he occasionly stopped for a moment to shout out a "GO, GO, GO" to whichever team had the ball.  That is something our mission family taught him to do back in January at our prayer retreat while watching a few playoff games.  His favorite part of the game was the half-time show.  He crawled up into my lap and never moved a muscle the whole time.  He loved it!  He sat so still that the other people who had already been around him commented that it was the stillest they had ever seen him.  Did anybody happen to record the half-time program?  I'd love to get a copy for future use, haha. 

Tomorrow (Tuesday) David has a trip planned with John (Chorti Bible translator) to visit a Chorti village.  We are excited that he invited David to go along with him.  Will you please pray for their travels.   We will meet with John and his wife Diana again on Wednesday morning to further discuss the Chorti language. 

As far as our move and adjustment things are going well.  We have felt the prayers of many and say a big "Thank You" to those who have been praying for us.

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