Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Trip to Copan, Honduras

This past weekend we made a trip over to Copan, Honduras.  It was less than an hours drive from where we live.  We could not believe how close it was to us.  We left on Friday afternoon and returned on Sunday afternoon.  Our purpose was to meet with a missionary who is working in that area and talk about ways that we can partner with him in the future.  We had a great trip and hope to get back over that way again soon.  Here are a few random photos from our weekend-
entrance into town

a few photos around the Central Park area

the streets there are cobblestone and there are a lot of hills to climb

David and Cruz in the Central Park

Cruz and I waiting to go to supper our first night

We enjoyed some delicious food while there.  One of the things we ate was a typical Honduran breakfast.  It is similar to a typical Guatemalan breakfast except for the beans.  In Honduras they eat eggs, fried plantains, red beans, cream, fresh cheese, coffee, and juice.  Here in Guatemala we have black beans. 

At one place we ate I ordered nachos.  It came served this way.  On the top was beans and cheese.  The thing in the middle had a fire to keep it warm, and the chips were served around the bottom.  I have never seen this before, but it was good.

Cruz chillin' in a hammock while we waited for lunch on Saturday

On Saturday night Dan, the missionary we visited, offered to watch Cruz so David and I could enjoy a meal alone.  We hated to turn him down as we don't get that offer hardly ever.  The two of them spent time walking around town and playing in the Central Park area.  Cruz had a fun time getting to run and play and Dan got a workout chasing him around.  haha  We were very grateful for him doing that!  We went to a local cafe restaurant and enjoyed a three course early bird special.  It was delicious!

The meal began with a squash soup and homemade yummy yeast rolls.  I then enjoyed pasta with tomato salsa and David had beef filled ravioli with grilled vegetables.  For dessert they served us some of the best carrot cake I have ever eaten.  It was warm, yummy, and worth the whole trip there.  We had a wonderful time just sitting still and talking.  It is rare we get moments like that these days especially at meal time. 

Overall our weekend was great.  We got to relax a little.  We made some family memories.  We learned a lot about the work there and how we can get on board and be a part of it.  I will write about our visit to the Chorti Baptist Development Project tomorrow.  It was very interesting, and we are looking forward to seeing how our involvement in helping expand it into Guatemala is going to play out.

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