Friday, February 17, 2012

Our Baby Has A Name

We have known for a while now what we are naming baby #2 but have just failed to make it public.  I guess with everything else going on in our lives lately it has just not come up.  We have picked the name- Benjamin Miller White.  We chose Benjamin because it is spelled the same in Spanish and English with only a slight change in pronunciation.  We will call him Ben.  We like that it is short and simple like "Cruz".  Miller is my maiden name so it has a family connection.  We realize that his initials will be BMW which everyone we have shared his name with so far has pointed out.  We joke that he will probably be our expensive taste baby and end up costing us a fortune, haha.  Anyway, Ben it is.  Or as I like to say Baby Ben.  We cannot wait to meet him!

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