Thursday, February 16, 2012

Not As "Love"ly As I Had Planned

Late yesterday afternoon we returned home from a quick trip into Guatemala City.  We left early on Tuesday morning (Valentine's Day) to begin the four hour drive.  We stopped in Chiquimula for breakfast at McDonald's and to let Cruz play for a minute.  He took a good nap once we got back on the road.  That was the only nap he took that day.  Once we arrived in the Capital we ate lunch (Taco Bell) and then spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for supplies, groceries, and items for our new place.  Cruz was anything but cooperative during that time.  He did not want to be in his car seat.  He did not want to ride in the stroller.  He would not sit in a shopping cart.  He would not play when we took him to a play area.  He screamed. He cried.  He caused a scene in just about every store we entered.  I was on the verge of a breakdown by the time we finished and got to our mission house.  In spite of it we were able to get most everything we needed to purchase, and the rest can just wait until next month. 

Once settled in to the mission house I left to walk to a local salon to get my hair done.  I usually enjoy this time of pampering, but just could not relax and enjoy it that day.  The stress of traveling, and Cruz's outbursts had just exhausted me. 

We had planned to attend a mission gathering that night at a local Applebee's, but the thought of getting back out again did not appeal to me.  Instead we stayed in and had Pollo Campero delivered.  Not a very "love"ly Valentine's Day, but we knew we could celebrate later in the week.

On Wednesday morning I had a check-up with my doctor.  I had only gained one pound in the last month.  I was surely expecting more.  I have only gained 11 the whole pregnancy, and  I will be 30 weeks on Friday.  I guess I can blame extreme first trimester nausea and having e-coli and rotovirus in the second trimester on that.  I had a sonogram and the baby looks fine.  He is weighing 3 pounds and 7 ounces.  The doctor said I could expect another big boy, but that he doubted he would be as big as Cruz was. 

Because I had a c-section with Cruz, and it has not been two years since then my doctor does not want me to try to have a natural delivery.  I really am not excited about having another section although I had a great experience with Cruz.  I am just dreading the six weeks of recovery time with a newborn and an extremely active almost two year old.  Would you already begin to pray for a quick, easy recovery for me?  Anyway, we talked to my doctor about dates and we have decided on Monday, April 16 as the tentative delivery day.  That is if I do not have any complications between now and then.  That only gives me eight weeks from today to finish getting everything ready, yikes! 

Here are a few photos from my visit-
me at 29 weeks and 5 days

me and my "baby"
I still cannot believe he is going to be a big brother soon!

Afterwards David treated me to lunch at TGI Friday's.  He knew that would make me very happy, and it did.  We then made the four hour drive back home and began unloading all of our things.  Because of our busy schedule this week we had to make the trip a quick overnight trip, but it was pretty hard on me.  I am not sure we will try that again next month.

We will spend today washing clothes and re-packing for our weekend trip to Copan, Honduras beginning tomorrow.  We are looking forward to seeing the Chorti work in that area.

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  1. Hi,
    You do not know me but I found your blog through a mutual facebook friend. I don't understand what 2 years between deliveries matters for you to attempt a VBAC. I had a c-section and then a VBAC 18 months apart and my section was an inverted T. I was told that I would never be able to VBAC ever. I would encourage you to question this more if you would really like to try and VBAC. I don't know all of the situation or the reason for your first c-section but I just thought that was an odd reason for not allowing you a trial of labor.


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