Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lunch With The Lubeck's

On Friday we hosted the Lubeck's in our home for lunch and fellowship.  They are a Bible translation team  working here in the Chorti language.  We had a great visit with them!  We were able to ask them many cultural questions, language questions, questions about our town and area, etc.  They have been here many, many years and have so much knowledge of everything.  It's great to have them around to help us learn.  We have another visit planned with them on Tuesday of next week.  We are looking forward to it!
Diana, Cruz, and John

They were the third guests that we hosted this past week.  We had the Miller's over on Monday night (I mentioned that in a previous post), and had the Bentley's over for dinner on Wednesday night.  They are a young couple who live close by that we have been getting to know.  We had a fun visit with them as well just talking about most everything.  We laughed a lot and that always does you good.  I forgot to get a photo of their visit, but I am sure they will be back so there will be other opportunities. 

We got invited to attend a Super Bowl gathering with several other missionary families from around this area on Sunday night.  We are planning to attend not necessarily for the game but to meet some of the other families and get to know them a little.  I am told there will be other small children there. That makes me happy!  I think we are going to like the fellowship that this area is going to offer us.

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