Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Day On The Farm

This past Saturday we made our first visit to the Chorti Baptist Development Project.  This is an agricultural project that has been going on for many years among the Chorti in Honduras.  Up until last year there have been IMB missionaries working in this area with the project for many years.  When the last couple left the field there were no plans to replace them. 

This project was started by a retired IMB missionary from the Philippines.  He did similar work there that was very successful.  His son, Dan Watson, did not want to see the work end in Honduras so he decided last summer to move there and continue the work by himself. 

We got a very interesting tour of the place, and enjoyed hearing how they are using agriculture to open doors in Chorti villages there.  Dan has some great ideas of new things he would like to incorporate and that includes expanding into the Guatemala side of the Chorti work.  That is where we would come in.  If you know us well you know that we know very little about growing crops and raising animals.  Dan and his national helpers would handle that part and we would partner by doing the evangelism side of the work.  It seems like a great way for us to get into some of the village areas here.

Here are a few photos from our visit-
entrance to the property

The main building.
It contains a classroom for teaching the nationals.  It has a bunk house for overnight stays.  It has a kitchen, and restrooms. 

Beginning our walking tour of some of the crops they grow

the area surrounding the property is beautiful

Dan, David, and Cruz

they have a silo project for storing corn

Cruz wanting to feed the chickens

They also have pigs,

goats, rabbits, and a tilapia pond.  We enjoyed getting to see the animals and pet them. 

This poor goat is looking at me as if he needs help.  I think Cruz made him nervous, haha.

Dan's father will be visiting the last week of March.  They plan to make a trip over to visit us while he is here.  They would like to ride out into the mountainous areas to get a feel of the land here and see some of the villages.  We are praying about a specific village that we might could introduce this work to first.  Would you pray that God would lead us to just the right place to begin?  We would like to have that village picked out before their visit if possible, but are going to need to spend much time in prayer about it first.  Pray with us, please!

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