Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cruz's 21 Month Update

Cruz turned 21 months old on Sunday.  
He gets more of a handful with each passing month.  I did a terrible job of keeping up with new things he is doing this past month.  I usually keep a list by my desk and add things as I see them.  I only wrote down a few things for this month so it will be mostly photos. 

*   The best way to describe him lately is TERRIBLY CLOSE TO 2!  He has become such a fussy little boy- whining, crying, tantrums, etc.  Since our move to our new area he has changed so much.  At times he can be very unpleasant to be around and we feel like our neighbors think he is a terrible child.  When he is well rested he is very sweet and pleasant.  The only problem is he does not like to rest. 
*   He has also started chewing on his fingers and toys again so we think he is maybe getting his two year molars.  This might have a little to do with his change in attitude as well. 
*   He DOES NOT like to be told no and will loudly let you know it.
*   He likes to feed himself and is getting better and better with it.  He still eats well and will eat just about anything we feed him.  He eats better at home than when we are out in public.  He gets too distracted to eat when there is a lot going on around him.
*   He tells us "done" when he is finished doing something.  This usually means that he is done with what he is doing (eating, playing with a specific toy, bathing, etc.) and he is ready to do something else- now!
*   He also likes to grab our hand and say "come on" when he wants us to do something for him.
*   He does not like for his hands and feet to get dirty.  He can be a little OCD in this area.
*   He likes to rub my stomach and say either baby, brother, or hermano.
*   He can be so silly and fun at times we wonder how we ever lived so long without him.
*   He loves to run, play, be outdoors, swim, play in dirt, and all the other things little boys love at this age.
We love him dearly and are trying to cherish all of him we can before the new baby arrives.  My baby will not be my baby for much longer.  He is growing up very fast!

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