Monday, January 30, 2012

Our First Guests In Camotan

Tonight we enjoyed our first guests over for a meal in our new place.  David and Glynis Miller (fellow IMB missionaries) were in the area doing some scouting for an upcoming team and we invited them over to eat and fellowship with us.   We had a great time around the table together!  Cruz also got lots of extra loving and we enjoyed that too.  They are a precious couple and we look forward to visiting with them again soon.
Glynis, David, and Cruz

We have been steadily working to get ourselves settled in.  It is hard to believe that we have been here a week already.  We have been so busy with unpacking that we have hardly had time to do much of anything else.  We feel we have accomplished a lot in the past week and things seem to be coming together nicely.  We really like our new place and it is starting to look and feel more like home.

We have met a few new people so far, and many have offered us good tips and advice about the area.  We found out where the nearest hospital is in case of an emergency.  We plan to stop by there later this week while in Chiquimula and check it out.  That gives me a lot of peace of mind because you never know when you might need it.

We found the main Claro (internet service) office in Chiquimula and are now in the system to get internet service in our home.  They said they would call when they can get to us.  That could be a day, a week, a month... who knows. 

Cruz seems to be feeling better.  He ate very good today considering he has eaten very little in the past week.  He spends most of his time outdoors playing, running, and exploring.  I love that he can be outside here.  He gets soo dirty though!  In Sayaxche he rarely got to play outside so he stayed somewhat clean, but here OH MY he gets filthy.  He loves it (except for his hands) so therefore we have to love it too.    We live in an apartment that is shaped like a U.  Each room has a separate door that leads out to the sidewalk.  He has learned to open all of the doors so we are having to keep most of them locked, haha.  Overall he is doing well, but please pray that he would continue to have a good adjustment to his new home and area.

We hope to be getting out and about soon and meeting some of the locals.  We are eager to get started in ministry here.  Please pray that God would lead and guide us every step of the way.

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