Saturday, January 14, 2012

Life Is A Zoo These Days

I have not blogged much this week.  We spent the first few days packing and organizing our things for our upcoming move.  We then packed our bags and traveled for a few days.  We headed back to the Chiquimula area to visit the apartment we will soon be renting as well as meet our new landlord in person.  We have only had contact with her through e-mail thus far.  She is American and seems like someone we are going to enjoy getting to know.  The place we are moving to is much smaller than the house we are currently renting.  We needed to decide which rooms were going to be what before the movers showed up with all of our stuff so that we could direct them where to put everything.  While there we were invited to eat supper with a young missionary couple we met back in November.  We had a great meal and visit with them.  I can see a great friendship forming there. 

After finishing up there we traveled on into Guatemala City.  On Friday I had the glucose screening test done.  We also spent some time that morning walking around the zoo.  We are attending our missions annual Prayer Retreat this weekend.  It is already going great and we look forward to spending the rest of the weekend with our mission family.  I will have a prenatal checkup and also a dental appointment on Monday morning before we begin the long drive back home to Sayaxche.  It has been some busy days and we have many more coming up.  We would appreciate your prayers for our family during this time of transition.

Here are a few photos from our trip to the zoo-
Cruz and I standing outside of the entrance. 
We have not taken him there since he was about 3 weeks old.  We went when family came down to see him after his birth.  He really enjoyed himself.  He was able to recognize many of the animals.  Some he says in Spanish and some in English.  He also enjoyed making their sounds too.  We just enjoyed watching him experience it all.

Since we were there in the morning most of the animals were getting fed.  He would look at the animal and say (for example) "camel eat" (he would leave off the -ing).  He did that for many of the animals.  We would just laugh at him.

He liked looking in the glass at this bear.   You cannot tell from the photo but the bear had his very large paw sticking in the window.  I tried to get a photo of Cruz's hand next to it, but Cruz did not want to touch the glass.

This is the bear he was looking at.

My little monkey!

We saw just about every kind of animal you can see at a zoo.  You would think that Cruz would have been very content with his visit and satisfied with all that he had seen.  Well, he wasn't.  Can you guess what he asked to see the WHOLE time we were there???  Horses!  He kept wanting to know where the horses were.  There are not usually horses at the zoo and this particular zoo did not have any.  He was a little disappointed, but we made up for it by promising him a ride on the train a.k.a. "choo choo".

Here we are as we were taking off.  He is waving goodbye to his daddy.

Our family at the zoo
It was a fun day and we look forward to visiting there again someday as a family of four.

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  1. Aw, we love that zoo!! Cute little baby bump there, Regina!! =)


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