Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How Things Are Going So Far

In case you don't know, we moved this past weekend.  We left the comfort zone of working full time with the Kekchi and moved eight hours away to a new people group, a new area, a new language, etc.  We will now begin full time work among the Chorti with trips from time to time back to check in on the Kekchi.  We are excited about what the future holds and ask you to pray for us as we begin this new chapter in ministry.

The movers arrived on Sunday- two hours earlier than we were expecting them.  That is rare here as most people would show up two hours late, haha.  They got all of our things loaded in about 3.5 hours.  It helped that we had just about everything packed and ready except for the kitchen.  We left that for them to pack.  We were able to make it to Poptun for the night- two hours away.  We checked in, ate, showered, and got to bed early because we had a very early morning the next day and six more hours of travel. 
the moving truck in our yard in Sayaxche

Cruz loved watching the men work.  He was facinated by all that they were doing and tried every chance he got to help them a little.  They were very kind and patient with him.

two of the movers packing our kitchen

On Monday we arrived in our new town, Camotan, around 10:00 a.m.  It only took the movers 2.5 hours to unload everything and then they left it in our hands.  We have been very busy unpacking ever since.  It is a large task but we are making good progress. 
our dirt road
There was no way the truck would fit in our gate so the movers had to park outside and carry everything in.  It was not that far but I felt bad for them with the heavy items.

They worked really hard, and we were  pleased with the job they did.

Cruz and David putting our bed together

So far we have most of the kitchen unpacked.  The gas man came and filled our tanks with gas which allows us to use the stove, grill, and dryer.  The washer and dryer are hooked up and we have washed a load already.  Our bed is up and we slept in it our first night.  Cruz has all of his toys out and accessible.  We left our clothes in our dressers so we have good access to them.  We have found out which days the garbage runs and the water is delivered.  We have done a few other odds and ends, but still have many boxes to unpack. 

We are not sure when we will get internet service hooked up.  David spoke with a rep. today and he said the system is overloaded in this area so it could be a while.  Until then we will use a temporary service.

Cruz thinks he is at a playland.  There is so much for him to explore and get in to.  He has been a handful to keep up with and still get things done, but we are managing.  He woke up today with an upset stomach.  He does not seem to feel bad.  He is just sick at his stomach.  He has very little appetite, but is drinking well.  Please pray that he will be well soon.
"helping" us unload boxes (with his fourth change of clothes for the day) and wearing his daddy's shoes- he is a mess!

We went today to buy groceries.  We have been making due the last several days trying to get down to as little food as possible before we moved.  I loved getting to restock our supply with all sorts of goodies.  I also love the grocery store where we will be shopping!  I am happy that we only have to drive less than 45 minutes to the store instead of 1.5 hours like we used to.   That will be nice!   I am also happy that our trip to buy groceries does not include having to cross the ferry.   

Cruz eating supper our first night here. 
We did not have anything to cook.  We were also too tired to drive to town to buy anything.  Instead we visited a local chicken place, Pollo Express, and bought some fried chicken.  Cruz loves eating meat and especially dipping it in ketchup. 

I will try to get some pictures of our new place posted soon.  Once we get everything in it's place I think we are going to like where we live.  It is definitely an improvement from where we came.

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