Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Few New Things

While traveling last week we picked up a few new things for Cruz.  I am enjoying collecting Guatemalan items for him.
If you read our blog much you know he loves riding in tuk tuk's.  They are a form of taxi here.  We found this toy tuk tuk in the Antigua market and I just had to get it for him.  He loves it!  The funny thing is it has a Mayan lady driving it and that is something we have never seen in real life.

I picked up these letters to hang in his new room.  We also plan to hang letters for his little brother- we just need to settle on a name.

We like to shop at a particular booth in the Antigua market.  The owner, Neli, is always so kind and gives us great deals.  I bought the letters from her.  I also was able to share with her the news of our baby on the way.  As I was leaving she called me back and gave me these two animals- one for Cruz and the smaller one for the new baby.  How sweet!

The volunteer team that came down this past weekend brought a few things to entertain the kids with.  Before leaving they gave Cruz these musical instruments.  He loves music and will enjoy playing with these.  When we would have our worship time he would get his songbook and just sing his heart out.  No one could understand what he was saying but he was doing his best to make a joyful noise.  It was so cute to watch and hear him.

Our friend, Ms. Shirley, brought Cruz these three stuffed animals of some of his favorite characters.  He is crazy about Sesame Street!  He has slept with that Cookie Monster every night since. 

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