Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cruz's 20 Month Update

Our little boy is now 20 months old!
*   He is wearing size 12 month shorts and pants and 18-24 month in everything else.
*   He still wears size 4 diaper
*   He wears size 5 shoes
*   He loves counting things although he still only says 2, 3, 2, 3...  He points to everything as he counts it.
*   He loves to sing!  He loves music and pretending he is playing musical instruments.  One of his favorite
     songs lately is "If you're happy and you know it". 
*   He loves to wash his hands before eating.
*   He likes to feed himself with a fork or spoon.  He also likes dipping his food in sauces.
*   He loves watching DVD's.  His favorites have always been Sesame Street but he is also crazy about the
     two Baby Genius videos he got for Christmas.  They are sing-a-longs and he would watch them over and
     over again all day long if we let him.
*   His favorite foods are meat dipped in ketchup, peanut butter on anything, and all fruits.  He still drinks
     milk with his meals and juice at other times.
*   He has learned to say his own name and it is so cute to hear him.
*   He talks out in his sleep a lot. 
*   This month we moved to his third home.  So far he seems to be adjusting well to his new place.  We are
      thankful that he typically adjusts well to any and every environment.
*   He pats himself on the chest when he gets choked.
*   He is learning to cover his mouth when he sneezes and coughs.
*   He still loves books.  His favorite book lately is "Head to Toe" by Eric Carle.  He loves to do the
*   He can now say "love you" but it sounds more like "la lu",  It melts my heart!
*   He bows his head when we pray and shouts "amen" when we finish.
*   He is definitely showing signs of the terrible twos and can be sooo dramatic at times for a little boy.  He 
     does not like being told "no" and lets you know it- loudly.  He is becoming more and more independent 
     and testing all of his boundaries.  
*   He sleeps well through the night.  Depending on how early he wakes up he either takes one or two naps
     during the day.  On a good day he will sleep until 6:30ish and take a 1-2 hour nap right after lunch.  There
     have been a few times lately that he has started our day at 5/ 5:30.  On those days he usually will take a
     nap in the morning also.   He sleeps well in the car when we are traveling.
He is a great mixture of naughty and nice.  There are times that he can be extremely sweet and loving and then there are times that we question "what happened to our child?"  haha  We love him and are having an awesome time watching him grow and develop.  We are blessed to be his parents.

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