Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cowboy Cruz

I posted one of these photos on facebook and got such a great response that I thought I would share the story behind the photo.  It is very common for people to stop by our house daily selling things.  Usually it is things like homemade food items, fruit, blankets, plastic storage containers, and newspapers.  Earlier this week we were surprised to see a guy with a toy horse, a hat, and a western outfit stop by offering to take photos.  Knowing how much Cruz "usually" loves horses we could not pass that offer up.  David excitedly called Cruz outside to come see what was there.  He ran to the door, looked out, and then ran back inside.  He was afraid of it.  We could NOT believe his reaction.  He has never acted that way with any kind of horse he has seen- real or fake.  He returned outside but only with me holding him and him squeezing me really tight.  It took several minutes for him to warm up to it, and he honestly never really just enjoyed it being there.  We finally got him to sit on it and then he would not wear the hat (something else he normally loves).  It was just not his normal reaction at all.  Once we convinced him to cooperate the guy took several photos and we were able to take a few as well with our camera.  We paid him a very small deposit and he is supposed to return in a week or so with our pictures.  I am not sure how his shots turned out but we were able to get a few cute ones ourselves.  In spite of Cruz not being a huge fan, we thought it was fun.

David getting him dressed. 
He did like wearing the clothes, but not the hat so much.

It looks like he is tipping his hat and saying "howdy y'all" in this photo, haha.

My favorite!

Shortly after the horse left he began asking for it and has asked about it the rest of the week.  He has been to the door several times and looked for that horse.  Maybe if we could get the guy to come back he might be ready to ride.

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