Thursday, December 15, 2011

Over The River And Through The Woods

As I mentioned in my last post David recently went on his first overnight trip without me.  I was very sad to see him drive away and me not be in the car with him.  I am not one to stay at home when I could be out and about with the people, but I knew this trip would not be a good one for a 1.5 year old and his pregnant mama.  So Cruz and I hung out at the house and I heard him ask for his daddy at least a thousand times. 

He picked up a Kekchi national missionary in town and they then headed to the village of Santa Amelia.  They had to cross a ferry to get there and it was a ferry we had never been to before.  Once arriving in the village they were greeted by the local pastor and a few church members and treated to a caldo lunch.  They then left the vehicle there and headed out hiking.  The purpose of this trip was to visit the village of Chi lar.  There is a group of people who recently began meeting there and they wanted to become a mission so David and Abilino went and had a service to offically organize them as a Kekchi Baptist Mission.  Once they arrived they were fed another meal, they had the service, and then they hiked back a little over an hour (in the dark) to the village of Santa Amelia where they spent the night.  When they returned to the village they were fed again.  They slept in the pastors home on typical Kekchi beds which are just wood frames.  Between David's sinus issues and the others snoring he said he got very little sleep.

The next morning they were up early for breakfast and then took part in the service at the church in Santa Amelia.  They ate lunch with the pastor and church leaders before heading back home to Sayaxche.  Here are a few photos from his trip-
Hiking to the village of Chi lar

They could have driven there but they would have had to cross our vehicle on this other ferry.  The nationals did not think that was a good idea so they left the car in Santa Amelia, crossed the river in canoes, and hiked the hour to the village.
more hiking

Eventually some locals met up with them and brought them horses to finish the trip.  Cruz would have loved this part!

Cruz loves to look at this photo.  His two favorite things- his daddy and horses. 

This is the church at Santa Amelia.  To the left is Kekchi national missionary Abilino with the pastor and his wife.

a few kids from the village

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