Thursday, December 1, 2011

Good Company Warms The Heart

We have been hosting a couple of missionary families a few days this week.  We have really enjoyed their fellowship and company.   The Hardeman's are the longest serving missionaries in our region currently with 40 years of service.  The Macumber's are the newest members of our mission.  They were appointed with us and arrived in Guatemala last August after language school in Costa Rica.  They all wanted to visit us and see where we were living and working.  It's been a fun few days!

Yesterday we took them to the Santa Elena/ San Benito/ Flores area.  We ate lunch on the lake, enjoyed a nice stroll around the island, and we ended our time there with a stop by Sarita's for ice cream.  David, Cruz, and I shared a yummy banana split.

It can get a little lonely at times where we are not having many other North American's around to fellowship with so we always enjoy having people come to visit.  Cruz has enjoyed all of the extra attention and we have enjoyed the extra hugs and kisses he's received and the extra arms to help carry him around.  We are blessed with a great mission family here in Guatemala!
Cruz (napping), David, me, Helen, George, Jeff, and Noemi

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