Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wrapping Up Our Trip To The Chorti Area

On Friday we met Dan for lunch.  He is working with the Chorti in Honduras.  Dan is a missionary kid who grew up in the Philippines.  His father developed an agricultural program there and the same program is being used among the Chorti in Honduras.  It was very interesting to hear about his work and possible ways that we might partner with him in the future.  You can click HERE to read his blog. 

After our lunch meeting we headed out to the village of Lagunetas to make a short visit.  It's been almost three months since we were there and we just wanted to let them know that we are still around.  They were surprised to see us and we assured them that we would be back soon.

We then went back by a housing prospect that we had looked at on Thursday to take a few photos before heading back into Chiquimula for the night.  We had planned to stay in the area until Sunday but felt we had accomplished all that we went there to do.  We decided to leave on Saturday morning heading home.  We stopped off in Coban and had a great visit with Miss Fran.  She was eager to hear how our visit with the Lubeck's went since she was the one who put us in contact with them.  We also needed to discuss with her the plans for receiving an order of 20,000 Kekchi Bibles that are to be delivered this week.    Once we hear of their arrival we'll be heading back to Coban to help her unload and store them.  How exciting is that!!! 

Thanks again for praying for our trip to the Chorti area.  We feel it was productive.  We would now like to ask you to pray for a radio recording that David will be doing on Tuesday.  He along with several Kekchi men will be recording some new stories that will be aired on the Kekchi radio stations.  Many new Kekchi churches have been planted as a result of this radio ministry.  Pray that it all goes well.  Thanks!

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