Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Spreading God's Word- Oral and Written

On Tuesday David traveled to La Ceiba to do another radio recording for the Institute of the Air.  They met and did the recording in the Baptist church there.  They have been doing a series through the book of Acts and got twelve more stories recorded in the series.  David edited them and burned them to CD's on Wednesday and we hope to get them out to the radio stations within the week.  Please pray that God would use these stories to encourage believers, and open doors to new works among the Kekchi people.
Manuel, Abilino, and Mateo
Bro. Adilio (not present) has been heading up the Institue of the Air for many years.  He recently ended his time as pastor at his church here in the Peten.  He has returned to his hometown in Carcha (outside of Coban).    We are not sure what further involvement he will have in the recordings but ask you to pray that those involved will be able to continue with this great ministry.

On another note, the Kekchi Bibles are arriving in Coban today- 20,000 of them!  Pray for Miss Fran as she gets a little overwhelmed with receiving and storing them.  Pray that we will find a storage home for each box and that plenty of workers will show up to help unload them.

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