Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cruz's 18 Month Update

On Saturday Cruz turned 18 months old! 
I cannot believe we are half way to his second birthday.  It seems like yesterday I was pregnant with him instead of baby #2.  He is such a big boy now and changing so much.  This is a fun stage with him because he is so curious and more aware of life around him.  He does not miss much and is so full of life.  He makes us laugh often with his funny little personality that is really starting to shine.

*   He wears size 12 month pants and 18-24 month shirts
*   He wears size 5 shoe
*   He wears size 4 diapers
*   He has 16 teeth
*   He loves to play in our shoes
*   He likes to clean things (he gets that from his daddy).  If I give him a wipe he will go all over the house 
     wiping things with it.
*   He is crazy about horses.  Everything is a "horsey" and he tries to ride anything that will hold him.  He will
     bounce up and down and say "neigh".  His favorite thing to do is bounce on our feet and legs.  He wears
     us out wanting us to bounce him.
*   He loves the teenagers that live next door and will stand at the door and call for them to come get him. 
     They have a lot of animals at their house and also spoil him with love and attention.   We are thankful
     that they like to spend time with him.
*   He does not enjoy long car trips.  None of us do, but he is just a little more vocal about it, haha.
*   He sleeps very good at night, but naptimes are a nightmare.  He will be so extremely sleepy, but will not
     go to sleep.  He has yet to ever just sit still and fall asleep on his own during the day.  When he gets tired
     he goes into overdrive mode and gets crazy!  It can be very frustrating at times.
*   He loves to play peek-a-boo.
*   He is facinated by all forms of transportation.
*   Oh my is he ever a climber!  He tries to get on top of everything and has such determination.  We have
    to constantly keep an eye on him.
*   He still loves music and will almost always start daincing when he hears it.
*   His vocabulary is growing everyday.  He says many words and repeats a lot of the words we say to him.
     He is hardly ever quiet and when not saying words he is babbling away to himself. 
*   He still loves books and he likes to look at the pictures and turn the pages.
*   He loves to open and close lids.  He likes to unlock things with a key.  He likes to play with tools.  David
     bought him a small measuring tape to play with at meal times and he loves it. 
*   He is still a good eater and will eat just about anything we put in his mouth.  That is a blessing.
*   He loves balls (and anything round that resembles a ball)
*   His favorite toy right now is a Country Crock butter tub that he wears on his head and calls it his hat.
*   He loves to fill his backpack and pull it around the house.
*   He loves sticks and likes to hit everything in sight.
*   He is very social and loves to be around people.  He rarely meets a stranger.
*   He gets bored easily and needs almost constant stimulation.
This is the view we see most of him.  He is always moving and rarely sits still for any length of time.  He makes us soo tired most days.  He is a bundle of fun, but a handful at the same time.

You are a charming little fellow!

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