Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Belts, Butterflies, Black Beans, and Baby #2

We travel a good bit.  It is not always easy when eating out to find highchairs that have straps on them.  There are times when we find ourselves at places that have no highchairs- those are not fun.  We have a travel chair that we use in times like those.  Most places offer the same style wooden chair with a tray that lifts over the head but have no way to secure the child in them.  When Cruz was a little smaller this was very difficult to keep him from falling out.  David most always had to hold him still while I fed him.  Now that he is bigger we are having a hard time keeping him from climbing out.  Recently someone, and I cannot remember who, mentioned to us to use a belt to strap him in.  What a great idea!  Now when eating David just takes off his belt and straps Cruz in.  It has made a huge difference.  Here he is at breakfast this morning-

This "butterfly" was on his plate.  I thought it was so cute and creative.  He loves a typical Guatemalan breakfast- scrambled eggs, black beans, fried platanos, and tortillas.  He will eat scrambled eggs any time of the day.  When we moved here we thought it was so weird to eat beans for breakfast, but Cruz will grow up thinking it is a normal part of the meal.  I also try to feed him grits and biscuits at least once a week to expose him to a few Southern staple foods as well.

On another note, tomorrow might be the big day.  I have a checkup and am supposed to have a sonogram.  If all goes well we just might be able to find out the sex of baby #2.  I am excited yet I am trying not to get my hopes up.  When we went for Cruz he would not move and we could not find out.  I hope this baby will cooperate a little better.  If we do find out we'll be posting the news soon (after we share it with family of course)

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