Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baby #2- What We Are Having

Last Wednesday I had a prenatal checkup in Guatemala City.  In addition to that I also had a sonogram to check on the baby and possibly find out what we were having.  My checkup went well.  The heartbeat was good, and the baby appears to be developing well.  I have only gained three pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I lost five pounds in the first two months, and gained it back in the third month which got me back to my original weight.  I then gained three pounds in the fourth month.  I think that after the Thanksgiving weekend I have surely added a few more, haha.  

We took Cruz back with us and as soon as we walked into the exam room he started crying hysterically.  We are not sure if he had a flashback to his stitches episode or maybe he thought he was getting vaccinations.  Either way he was not wanting to be there!  He calmed down but when I got up on the table he started up again.  He was worried about his mama and did not like me laying on the exam table. 
This is me before the sonogram.  I was a little nervous about the whole "finding out" thing and not really sure I was ready to know.   

The doctor was pretty certain that we are having another boy.  I am thrilled for Cruz to be getting a little brother (even though I would have loved a little girl!)  The main motivation for having another baby was for him to have a playmate and a little brother seems perfect.  I am already trying to teach Cruz to say brother and hermano.  He tries to say both although he errupts into laughter when I say "hermano" to him.  I am not sure why, maybe he thinks it sounds funny.  We did not get any photos but did get a video of the sonogram.  I will try to post it later in the week as I am sure our families would love to see it.

I am currently 18 weeks and 4 days pregnant.  I am feeling great these days.  Sometimes I even forget I am pregnant.  I have not slept good in weeks though.  The longest I can sleep at a time is about three hours and then I am up for around two hours.  I try to nap when Cruz does but that is not always convenient.  I know that it is only going to get worse the further along I get so right now sleep is what I miss most.  I eat most everything.  The things I crave often are chocolate milk, crunchy cheetos, and any orange flavored drink.  I have terrible sinus trouble that just lingers on week after week.  I have occasional headaches with it as well.  Other than those few things all is good. 

We both appreciate your praying for this pregnancy, my health, and the development of our new baby.  I am no spring chicken and am just so thankful to be carrying another child at my age. 

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