Monday, November 7, 2011

An Afternoon Birthday Party

On Saturday afternoon Cruz was invited to a one year birthday party for a little boy who lives in our neighborhood.  It was our second birthday party to attend last week.  The first one was for a man that lives across the street.
Cruz and I with the birthday boy, Nahum, and his mother. 

While waiting for the party to start the older kids took turns helping Cruz sit on the motorcycles, which he LOVES!  He was in little boy heaven.

the birthday boy hitting the pinata 

Cruz getting a turn.  He thought that was fun.

They had two pinatas.  They let the little kids go first and then all the big kids got a turn.  When it was over candy was everywhere and they all had a blast picking it up.

Cruz wanted no part in wearing a birthday hat.  We all tried several times to put it on his head and he would pull it right off.  But, he has walked around our house ALL weekend with a Country Crock butter tub on his head and calls it his "hat"-  go figure, haha.

We then all enjoyed cake, tostadas, and horchata.  It was a fun party.

Feliz Cumpleanos Nahum Garcia

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