Sunday, October 9, 2011

Visiting the Nursing Home

I cannot believe one week has passed of our vacation already.  It is going by a little faster than we want it to.  We have been busy since we flew home.  I am way behind on blogging but we do not have internet service where we are staying so I have to catch up when we are in town.  We have had fun visiting, shopping and especially eating out. 
Last Thursday we made our visit to the local nursing home where my mama works.  Many of the residents were excited about seeing Cruz again.  This is a picture with Jennifer who works with my mama.

Cruz with Nannie Harper

he was a lot of entertainment for them

Afterwards Jennifer, my mama, and I went to eat lunch at Porches (my favorite place!)

David kept Cruz so I could go and enjoy myself.   It was a fun, relaxing meal.

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