Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Visiting My Granny

Last Friday David, my mom, Aunt Nita, Cruz, and I traveled to Liberty, MS to visit my grandmother in the nursing home.  I was glad to get to squeeze in a visit with her while we were home.  When we arrived she was getting her hair done and looked really pretty.  She loved seeing Cruz and he made her very happy.  It was a beautiful day so we got to sit outside and enjoy the weather with her.  I was glad to see her doing well and looking well.  She is 96 years old!
my Granny and I

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  1. Beautiful pictures! If that little guy of yours gets ANY cuter I don't know how you'll stand it, ha! So gorgeous! I read the post above and am so glad to hear everything is fine with Baby #2- praying for you! :)


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