Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Traveling Home Fall 2011

We left Guatemala City on Sunday morning heading to the States. 

A missionary friend, Carol, volunteered to take us to the airport.   It was very sweet of her to get up early and take us!

After a smooth check-in Cruz had a lot of fun running around and looking out the windows.  He would point out and sometimes say "plane" and other times say "car".  All forms of transportation are car to him.  He would run up to all of the locals and say "hola".  He was a lot of entertainment for those getting ready to travel. 
He was past due for a nap by the time we boarded but we wanted him to wait and sleep on the plane.  He got his second wind after takeoff and for the first hour he was a  nightmare!  He was definitely "that child" on the flight.  We were very embarrassed.  He finally fell asleep and slept the remaining two hours of the flight.

In the meantime, he loved playing with the seatbelt.  We booked the aisle and window seats and luckily no-one had the middle seat so we had the whole row to ourselves. 

This was my favorite part of the day, haha. 

We arrived in Dallas, went through customs, ate a quick pizza, and boarded our next flight to Jackson.  That flight was only a little over an hour and he did well on it.  We were greeted by family and friends at the airport and had a great homecoming with them.

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