Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our Week in Pana

As I mentioned in my last post we spent all of last week in the town of Panajachel attending a work conference with some other families in our mission.  We were getting a refresher course on oral Bible storying.  It was a great week (with the exception of Cruz getting hurt), and we had fun just all being together.  We had class from nine until noon, took a lunch break, and then had an afternoon session until after five.  We would eat dinner and then have a homework assignment to do.  We were all tired by the end of the week, but feel we are better equipped to share God's word with oral learners. 
Jeff and Karen, Roger and Vickie, Alan and Melodie, David and I, Lily and Gary

While we were meeting all day these two sweet girls came to babysit Cruz.  They are missionary kids who live in that area.  They were wonderful with him and entertained him well.

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