Friday, October 14, 2011

MS State Fair 2011 (second visit)

On Monday we made another trip to the Mississippi State Fair with David's family.  The kids were out of school and the fair was having armband day so we loaded up and headed out for a day/ night of fun.  Cruz enjoyed getting to ride many of the smaller kiddie rides.  I even got to ride a few with him. 
Cruz and Larsen riding the jeep.  I think this was his favorite of all.

Larsen riding the motorcycles. 
Cruz wanted to ride them but was too small- maybe next year.

We made another visit to the petting zoo.  This is our brother-in-law Kelly.

We all enjoyed the slide.

Cruz's first armband.  He would not let the workers put it on his arm.  We had to hold him down to get it on his leg.  Since his stitches episode he is afraid of anyone doing anything to him.

He was very tired by the time we left but we all had a lot of fun!

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