Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Service at Lagunetas

A little over a week ago we were back in the Chorti area.  We returned to meet the people living in the village of Lagunetas.  We had a meeting scheduled with the village leaders and had been looking forward to it.  The leaders had told us to be there between two and three in the afternoon.
This is David and Rickey walking across the soccer field to meet with our "person of peace" in that village.  She is the one we originally met there and has helped us get our foot in the door.  We also met with another village leader and she rode with us to the place where we would be meeting and sleeping.

This is where she took us.  It is the local school/ health information place.  We parked outside of the gate and began unloading.

Our vehicle was loaded down because our trip there and back was a total of five days. 

Everytime we travel David always says "we are never taking this much stuff again".  Somehow we always seem to pack a lot.

We then began to set everything up.  We were fortunate that the building had electricity, running water, and real toilets.  It was a nice place to stay if you had to stay out in a village.

Cruz even got in on the action.  He is such a little helper!

Another outside view of the building

These next few photos are of the inside of the school where we slept.  David and Rickey slept in this room and Cruz and I slept in one of the offices to the back.  We had taken camp cots, sheets, blankets, and pillows.  We took a pack 'n play for Cruz to sleep in.  Aside from a few spider webs, they had done a good job of cleaning it up for us.  The leaders made sure the door stayed locked the whole time we were there so that our stuff would be safe.  

Some of the stuff on the walls

This is me with two of the village leaders.  They have been extremely nice and welcoming to us.  They stayed with us from the time we arrived until bedtime to make sure we had all we needed and were taken care of.  They both support us being there and sharing.  They made sure everyone knew we were coming and kept telling us when we arrived that the people doubted we would return.  I think everyone was real surprised when we showed back up. 

We had a little down time so we enjoyed playing with the few kids who came early to hang out.

I love the look on the little girls face who is holding Cruz.  haha  He just went from person to person (as usual).  The locals commented on how friendly he was and how content he was to be with them.  As always, we thank God for the witness that he is even though he does not know it.

They did not plan on feeding us so I went prepared just in case.  I took plenty of snacks, bottled waters, bread, peanut butter, and jelly.  We had a picnic inside of the school. 

Right at dark we began the service.  David shared who we were and our intentions in being there.  He gave an open invitation for anyone interested in learning Bible stories.  We then showed a film "The Hope" which gives an overview of the whole Bible.  He shared that the stories on the film would be the same stories we would learn about from the Bible.  There were well over one hundred people present.  That was encouraging! 

The locals kept saying it was going to rain but it held off until later in the night.  It got really cool during the night which was good for sleeping.  We were all attacked by gnats and mosquitos.  Cruz the most.  In spite of spraying and covering up they still managed to get all of us.  That made for a long night.  We were up with the chickens the next morning, loaded the car, and headed on our way.  We are not sure when we will be returning.  We have a lot of other things scheduled for this month and then will be heading to the States for three weeks in October.  It might be November before we can get back over there.  That is a little sad, but in the mean time we will continue to pray for these people and ask you to pray for them as well. 

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  1. Seeing the buildings, surroundings, and school rooms and hearing your descriptions reminds me of the trips to Honduras. I miss it. Glad y'all had a good trip with good response to the presentations. RLB


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