Saturday, September 17, 2011

Planning Meeting with the Kekchi Baptist Women

Yesterday we traveled to the village of Cruce del Pato.  We met Wendall and Jane Parker there as well.  We went to meet with the leaders of the Kekchi Baptist women to pray and make plans for the upcoming year.  They picked two hymns that they will learn and teach the other ladies as well as a scripture passage that they will all study for the year.  They chose Psalms 23 for their scripture.  They did not know the hymns so the Parker's tried to teach them how sing to them.  We all sang them many, many times.  After a couple hours of discussing, singing, and praying, we enjoyed a late caldo lunch before returning home. 

The leaders will continue to study the songs and scriptures and will to teach them to the leaders of the individual churches at the January annual meeting.  They will all then go back to their respective churches and teach the other women.   
Friday was the day that the local WMU ladies met at the Baptist church in Cruce del Pato.  We were able to visit with all of them before they started their meeting.

Us with a few of the ladies from the church.

These are the ladies we went to see.  They are the officers of the Peten Association WMU.  These ladies work very hard and do a wonderful job of leading and teaching the women!  You cannot really tell by the photo but Cruz is not wearing shorts.  I never leave home without packing him an extra set of clothes, but somehow yesterday I managed to do that.  Rarely do I ever have to change him, but yesterday just so happened to be that day.  He was playing outside and fell into a bowl of caldo (soup).  It was not hot so he wasn't burned but it made an absolute MESS.  He spent the rest of the day running around in his diaper which did not seem to bother him or anyone else in the village but it irritated his mama much.  haha

Here are a few more photos from the day-

The man in the white shirt is Bro. Oscar.  He is the pastor in this area.  His wife is in the blue blouse.  She is the secretary of the associational women's group.

Wendall and Jane Parker

We plan to record the Parker's singing the hymns next week, and put it on a CD for the women to use to study.  They were all excited about that.  It was a fun day, and we enjoyed spending it with some great people.

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